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Mobile Shredder Unit

Whenever your company has waste material which must be rendered unusable, to ensure protection of data or of production, our mobile shredder unit is a suitable solution.

The Alpine Rotoplex 28/40 granulator cutting mill can render cuttable materials unusable – such as printed circuit boards, CPUs, as well as components from the semiconductor industry. Through the use of seven different hole diameters the components can be reduced in size, into a range from 30mm (the maximum) to 2mm (the minimum). Thus the unusability of the material can be guaranteed, consistent with your instructions.

The possible emergence of dust is avoided through the associated suction unit: this takes up the ground matter and fills it into the receptacles intended for that purpose.

Due to the mobile deployment of the unit there is no need for your functionally capable material to leave the production site: on the contrary it can be recovered on the spot at your facility.

If the use of our unit is of interest to you, we are very happy to be at your service at any time for an individual consultation.

Mobile Shredder Unit
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The advantages of this unit are its mobile deployment, the variety of hole diameters for varying sizes of shredder material and the attached suction unit, preventing the escape of dust.